Two Approaches of Christians at Work

There are two basic approaches Chrsitains can take at work. What’s your approach?

Approach #1: Overt

The first approach is overt. An overt Christian at work holds little back. They let everyone know up-front that they are a believer. They often display Bible verses on their desk or business cards, are often ones to pray in their workplace, sometimes even having an open Bible in their space.

Although not typically belligerent or aggressive, overt Christians do little to hide the fact they are followers of Christ. Overt believers must remember that any strength taken to excess could become a weakness, a turn off if they do not regulate the intensity of their witnessing.

Overt Christians at work could include such heroes as Moses, the prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul and the disciples after Pentecost.

Approach #2: Covert

Covert Christians typically are not flashy or forward, but stay aware of potentially openings to share Jesus in more casual ways. Most colleagues know they are believers, yet they must remember to NOT be so far in the background that they have little impact for the Kingdom at work.

The second approach is covert. These Christians approach work more like a secret agent, a James Bond 007-style, where you are potentially lethal but far more subtle in their approaches.

Covert Christians at work could be more like Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah or Luke who had the listening ear of their leaders yet seemed more reserved in their overall approach.


Regardless of your preferred approach, either approach is legit and could be where God has called you for this moment. Your challenge is to settle in your soul and spirit which is the BEST approach for your workplace at this time for maximize Kingdom impact.

Today’s Revelation: Marketplace believers tend to be either overt or covert at work – and both are potentially impactful at work.

Today’s Activation: Ask God to give you specific revelations on how to maximize YOUR approach in YOUR work for the Kingdom.


Dr. Jim

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