Kings & Priests: Separate Callings – United Roles

“And [Jesus] made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.”  Revelation 5:10

Years ago, as I first began studying kings and priests from a marketplace perspective, I was confused. Are modern day kings and priests:

  • Separate callings and anointings as evidenced in so many Old Testament stories? (Ezra & Nehemiah, Nathan & David, etc.), or are they…
  • United as one as we do our work in the marketplace?

The answer I have discovered is – YES! Both are operative within us today. How can that be?

The easiest way (at least for me) to get my arms around this apparent dichotomy is simply view these callings/roles within two environments: the church environment and the marketplace environment.

Within the operation of a new testament church, there is a clear distinction between the Pastors and the congregation. The Pastor is the anointed voice of God within the temple. He guides, shepherds and releases the word of God over his appointed flock. The rest of us operate as separately anointed marketplace kings, where we fall under the Pastor’s heavenly authority yet work together with him to support and fund the kingdom.

However, within the operation of your marketplace business, you can serve within the role of both a king and a priest. Within your business, you have the appointed power to rule and reign as well as work in the role of head priest over your enterprise. Your role as both can often be supernaturally charged with power as you walk in your destiny to transform your sphere of influence ultimately for the Kingdom.

You may already be saying, “Dr. Jim, I’m not sure I get this yet.” Hang with me. Neither did I until years after I began this deep dive.

The next three Marketplace Minute posts will focus on modern-day Kings, then modern-day Priests, and finally with the to invade and occupy.

Today’s Revelation: Modern day Kings and Priests are both separate callings and united roles.

Today’s ActivationPray for a heart to receive the revelation that you are called to be both a king and a priest within your workplace.

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