Partner with Holy Spirit in Your Business


*Unleash Breakthrough     *Solve Unsolvable Problems      *Fund the Kingdom


Is your passion to…


  • Fully partner with God in your business

  • Unleash lasting business

  • Breakout of stagnating problems?

  • Lead your team with spiritual power?

  • Grow a Kingdom-focused company?

  • Quickly advance your knowledge & impact?

 Then Dynatos Global is the partner you need!


What makes Dynatos so different?



Business Prophet blogDynatos is the Greek work meaning possible, able, mighty, strong. It is the word used when Jesus said, “…with God all things are possible (dynatos).” Mark 10:27

We know that God has a supernatural answer to every natural problem across every sphere of influence in every nation. We therefore take a RADICAL approach to our covenant consulting and executive equipping services: we do not have the answers to your problems, but we know the one who does!

So at Dynatos, we enter every consulting and equipping engagement with full confidence that Holy Spirit will guide us to help you unleash lasting breakthrough for yourself, your company, your community and ultimately for His kingdom!

Ready to Launch Your Breakthrough?


Business Evangelist

If you are tired of:

  • traditional consulting approaches,

  • using old business models to fix your current problems, and

  • searching for a revolutionary, time proven approach to solving your business and leadership challenges….

    …then Dynatos is right for you! 

 Let’s get started.

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