Unleash Business Breakthrough


 Do you struggle with how to…

  • Fully partner with Holy Spirit at work?

  • Unleash the unlimited power of heaven within your leadership and company?

  • Solve critical problems that block your success and business prosperity?

  • Boldly walk in your leadership anointing?

  • Inspire a Kingdom-focus in your team?

  • Launch amazing profits and supernatural business growth?

Then Dynatos Global is the partner you need!

Our Approach

Dynatos is the Greek work meaning possible, able, mighty, strong. It is the word used when Jesus said, “…with God all things are possible (dynatos).” [see Matthew 19:26 / Mark 9:23 / Mark 10:27 / Luke 18:27]

Our transformational approach to breakthrough integrates a three-phase intervention process that includes:

Phase 1: Situation – conducting appropriate levels of financial, operational, cultural and spiritual analysis to clarify potential core issues.

Phase 2: Intercession – focused time of strategic prayer for revelation over your business, your team and your future.

Phase 3: Activation – creating specific plans to execute breakthrough strategies throughout your organization.

Our Services

Executive Breakthrough where we equip you to:

  • Walk fully in your leadership anointing 

  • Integrate five-fold leadership within your executive team

  • Instill a Kingdom-mindset in your company 

  • Effectively execute strategic initiatives

Click these links for Dynatos Executive Breakthrough Case Studies.

Organizational Breakthrough whereDynatos Org Bkth we partner with you to:

  • Crystalize a Kingdom-focused vision & mission for your business

  • Uncover unseen roadblocks to productivity and profit

  • Launch organizational transformation

  • Unleash unprecedented creativity and breakthrough

Click these links for Dynatos Organizational Breakthrough Case Studies.

Team Breakthrough where we help you guide teams in how to:

  • Embrace a Kingdom mindset at work

  • Breakdown departmental silos

  • Unlock hidden potential and productivity

  • Reboot stalled strategic initiatives

Click these links for Dynatos Team Breakthrough Case Studies.

Ready to Launch Your Breakthrough? Let’s Get Started!

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