Dr. Jim has addressed hundreds of audiences around the world in leadership, business, and employee transformation. His simple yet profound real-world insights teach people how to take themselves and their companies to a higher level of success and significance.

His corporate clients include such great companies as IBM, Best Buy, Walmart, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, and State Farm as well as dozens of healthcare, technology, and services organizations.

Dr. Jim is a frequent speaker at faith-based conferences and churches. His dynamic, Biblically-sound messages exhort, encourage, and equip believers to boldly step into their destiny!

"It's speakers like you that make my job as convention coordinator a breeze. Your presentation received the highest marks possible for content, relevance, and delivery."

− Toni Pugmire, Director of Education, Idaho Hospital Association

"You are a vital voice in our nation. I pray you never cease. Our teams are always inspired by your messages and hungry for more!"

− Shane Satterfield, Executive Vice President, Marketplace Chaplains

"Your presentation received the first standing ovation I have witnessed for an outside speaker & your power to draw in a team, engage them, and make them better."

− Michael Trebony, Innovation Catalyst, Best Buy

"Over 99% of our participants reported satisfaction with your presentation - the highest we have recorded!"

− Brian Jones, Director of People Development, Baptist Health Care, Fortune 100 Best Place to Work

"Every time you speak you deliver exactly what we need. You are a tremendous asset to me as you encourage and inspire our top leaders across the entire church family."

− David Joseph, Senior Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church Indian Rocks

"Your enthusiastic delivery left our entire management team charged up and ready to implement your excellent ideas."

− Guy Barr, Regional VP, State Farm


Corporate Events.

Church Events.

Whether you need a keynote address, an after-dinner speech, a hands-on idea-packed workshop, or an inspirational message to ignite believers to live out their faith, Dr. Jim can customize the right presentation to meet your unique goals.

Faith-Based Audiences

Our Unfair Advantage

Our Unfair Advantage

Most believers in business do not realize (and even fewer embrace) their unfair advantage in their marketplace. In this fast-moving and practical presentation, Dr. Jim teaches how to overcome the roadblocks, how to prepare, and six keys to unleashing a believer’s unfair advantage in business.


How to Lead with Impact

The vast majority of people desire to make a positive impact in all they do.  In this educational and highly motivational presentation, Dr. Jim teaches the four vital virtues of transformational leadership with powerful, easy to implement strategies that move people and their companies from success to significance.

All Audiences

Bench Strength: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Creating your next generation leaders is not as difficult as you may think. Through integrating a few critical best practices, you can develop leadership-ready talent fast. based on Dr. Jim’s 30+ years of research and advising, learn simple ways to recognize tomorrow leaders and how to build tomorrow’s leaders today.

Breakthrough: How to Inspire Others to Embrace Change

We’ve heard it all before – change is here to stay. The only thing missing is how to inspire your employees, suppliers and clients to embrace the changes you must make. In this fast-moving, informative yet fun presentation, Dr. Jim shares his simple, time-tested model on how to lead people through both positive or negative change.

Scorecard: How to Ensure Perpetual Success

Few companies take the time to clearly differentiate their competitive advantage.  But for those that do, they consistently out perform and out earn their competitors. Learn 7 critical questions that can quickly separate you from the pack – or risk being left in their dust.

Beyond Motivation: How to Inspire Employee Excellence

Short-term motivational quick fixes are never enough to with in today’s ultra competitive workplace. In this fast moving, research-based and best practices-filled presentation, Dr Jim shares four powerful principles on how to grow and sustain a world-class workplace filled with energized people.

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