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Inner Circle is a spirit-led, kingdom-focused executive growth group exclusively designed for entrepreneurs who desire a supernatural harvest for the Kingdom.

Watch this short video on the concept of Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Format

#1: Monthly Live Training Sessions

Every month we will gather for a 60-minute digital, face-to-face training session that focuses on a key marketplace topic or revelation. These sessions will be recorded so you can play back the lesson anytime you like. There will also be time for Q&A and Inner Circle teammate updates on progress.


How can I so boldly state this? Just glance at a few of the many kingdom-driven topics we will cover including how to:

  • Walk in your five-fold “Leadership” anointing (Jesus’ supernatural gifts for you)
  • Recognize & implement your “Power” gifts (Holy Spirit’s supernatural gifts for you)
  • Unlock your “Motivational” Gifts (God’s supernatural gifts for you)
  • Work as both a King & Priest in the marketplace…and the anointment this brings to you
  • Prepare yourself (and your nets) for a supernatural business harvest
  • Purpose in your heart to only and always #BeLed by Holy Spirit
  • Ensure you are hearing God’s voice…and the not the deceptive voice of the defeated one
  • Move from traditional prayer into kingdom communion for maximum revelation and connection

#2: Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching

Every month we will schedule a 60-minute intense tele-coaching session for learning, growing, and accountability. Beyond the teachings above, I will personally advise and serve as your accountability partner and guide in how to integrate 3 powerful marketplace systems within your calling.

#1: Scorecard, your unique 3-year, 1-page marketplace impact plan that answers the following critical questions:

  • What does your business stand for? (Core Convictions)
  • Why do you exist? (Purpose)
  • What market do you want to own? (Point of Dominance)
  • What is your core customer promise? (Brand)
  • What are your Strengths, Limitations, Opportunities & Threats? (SLOT Analysis)
  • What are your big rock goals? (Strategic Priorities 2018 / 2019/ 2020)
  • What are your key measures/milestones of success? (Numbers)
  • What is your most critical number to hit daily/weekly? (Core Score)

#2: Your personal Goals Board, a 1-page monthly list of your critical:

  • Personal Goals – Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Relational (Luke 2:52)
  • Professional Goals: 5-8 critical goals to accomplish along your path to your Scorecard (Matthew 25:21)
  • Commitments: those things you must Start, Stop or Continue doing to reach your goals (James 1:22)

#3: Your Priorities List that helps you:

  • Clarify your top priorities – those things you and only you MUST do.
  • Rank order your priorities to help FOCUS on your top priorities first.
  • Uncover those tasks you can (and should) DELEGATE… or even ELIMINATE… from your to do lists.

#3: Unlimited Access

As an Inner Circle member, you have my highest-level access (other than my wife, my mom and my Pastor). My standard is to reply to your Monday-Friday emails, voice mails or text inquiries within two hours.

#4. Books, Resources, Links & More

You will occasionally receive from me relevant books, eBooks, reference materials, links and more that I sense are valuable for you along your Kingdom journey.

#5. Private Facebook Page

You will be invited to join a private Facebook page just for your Inner Circle. This is where we stay connected as a group in-between our monthly digital training sessions. Also, I will go Facebook Live on an important issue or revelation…or maybe just for fun!

Who is Inner Circle For?

Inner Circle is specifically designed for:

  • Believers in business who desire a spirit-led approach to success, prosperity & Kingdom impact.
  • Professionals who desire to take their business to a higher level of profitably and Biblical prosperity.
  • Independent consultants, advisors or entrepreneurs who need wisdom from a seasoned professional with a strong track record of success.
  • Fast-growth executives & multi-site managers in large companies.
  • Any business professional who craves clarity on their Kingdom purpose and how to achieve it.

Click here to download an Inner Circle Application.

Why Trust Me?

So why should you entrust me to be your Inner Circle shepherd? Here are a few reasons to consider.

30+ years Business Experience

  • From start-ups to boardrooms of Fortune 500
  • Clients are a Who’s Who in business including Walmart, IBM, Verizon, Best Buy, State Farm, Walt Disney, Wells Fargo, & Century 21 as well as Inc 500 Fast Growth firms & Malcolm Baldridge winners

Award-winning Author of 14 Business Books

  • Fortune Magazine “Best Business Book”
  • American Management Association “Spring Selection”


Executive Perspective

  • Former executive at Fortune 500 firm with 40,000 employees across 1,700 locations
  • Former Interim President for faith-based national franchisor with 100+ locations
  • Executive advisor to multiple Inc. 500 and entrepreneurial leaders

Successful Manager & Entrepreneur

  • Grew start-up service business into internationally renowned voice in leadership, talent, and business excellence
  • Managed $600K semi-custom home construction firm through 18% interest rate economy (1978)
  • Led the turnaround of a $2M unionized transportation leasing company facility to profitability

Ph.D. in Communication

  • Earned doctorate with emphasis in public speaking, interpersonal & small group decision making
  • Spoken to hundreds of business groups around the world on leadership, talent, and business best practices

Experienced Executive Coach

  • Currently serve start up & fast-growth entrepreneurs across multiple industries
  • Professional coach to executives & senior managers in high-volume service sectors
  • Pastor to Pastors in professional and personal productivity, staff relations & church initiatives

Spirit-Led, Kingdom-Driven, Eternally-Focused 

  • Author of 2 books led by Holy Spirit to publish (one on covert marketplace invasion, the second on how to be led by Holy Spirit in business)
  • Serve my clients as a Holy Spirit Shepard & prayer warrior
  • Continually seek His revelations in all advising, coaching & mentoring

What My Clients Say

In the words of a few of my clients…

“You brought out the best in us and made us a better company.” Founder, INC 500 Fast Growth Company

“Why choose Jim?  His approach to mentoring and coaching is about the whole person not just business. The changes I have seen in my personal growth have impacted my business tremendously.  I am working towards my goal of leaving a legacy of truly caring about the people I work with and in return my business is growing. May God bless his future clients as he has blessed me.” President, Healthcare Organization

“The value that you have brought and continue to bring is a very big part of the change in dynamic that we are experiencing. God put you in our path to help guide us. You are an integral part of our team & look forward to our continued journey.” Executive VP, Fast Growth Auto Service Company

“Jim does not come up with a cute acrostic or a fancy diagram outlining some logical process, but simply shares what he has learned and applied directly from the Lord. In his own life. He is a practitioner first, and then an instructor and encourager to all of us in leadership positions. Thank you, Dr. Jim for your example!”  VP-Marketing, International Ministry

“Jim Harris’ coaching has enabled me to catapult myself and my consulting business from being stuck with no lift off for several years to a growing vibrant business with key clients within a few months.   I am now able to close client contracts at a far higher consulting fee than I expected.” Executive Management Consultant

“Jim Harris has been a tremendous asset to me personally and to our church corporately. Personally, through our contracted executive coaching, Jim provides encouragement, accountability and the opportunity for me to glean from his experience and expertise as an executive coach. I highly recommend Jim to any organization wishing to advance to a higher level.”  Executive Pastor, 5,000-member church

Inner Circle Investment

My business retainer clients often invest several thousand dollars a month for my services. Most stay with me 4 years or more, so obviously they perceive great value in their investment.

Now, for the same level of access, attention, advising and counsel, you have an opportunity to join an Inner Circle for only $795 per month for your first year of membership. 

Click here to download an Inner Circle Application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please realize that I am currently led to launch one (1) Inner Circle – that’s ONE INNER CIRCLE – with a MAXIMUM of 12 members. Until the Lord directs me otherwise, this is the ONLY Inner Circle I plan to lead. So, this is you shot to join this exclusive, spirit-led, kingdom-focused community.

An Invitation to Join an Inner Circle

Here are the three steps to apply for an Inner Circle membership.

Step #1: Pray over your potential membership and over your membership commitment to:

  • Faithfully attend every monthly video training sessions.
  • Faithfully schedule your monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls thorough my simple on-line calendaring system.
  • Faithfully complete any action plans or assignments upon which we have a co-witness.
  • Faithfully pray for and support your other Inner Circle members — even before you are accepted!

Step #2: If you are led to apply, click here to download an Inner Circle Application. It is a simple Word document that you can type in your responses and email back to me. Do not worry about how many pages it might become – just type in your answers completely.

Step #3: Email your completed questionnaire to me at  jim@drjimharris.com. I will pray over your application for spiritual discernment on if:

  • an Inner Circle is right for you.
  • now is the time for you to invest in high quality, spirit-led executive coaching.
  • you truly have a deep, passionate desire to exponentially grow your business for the sake of Kingdom impact and not just your bank account.

After praying over your application, I will personally contact you regarding your membership.

Click here to download an Inner Circle Application.

One More Thing

Whether or not you apply, I thank you for your interest and your prayers as I move forward in this time of multiplication! The Lord made it VERY CLEAR that I am to move far beyond common addition (“just one more client”) into Kingdom multiplication (10 fold / 100 fold / 1000 fold).

I sincerely thank you for your prayers for revelation for Inner Circle and beyond.


Dr. Jim