How To Hear God’s Inside Voice

“So he (Simeon) came by the Spirit into the temple. And when the parents brought in the Child Jesus, to do for Him according to the custom of the law.” Luke 2:27

 “And see now, I (Paul) go bound in the spirit to Jerusalem, not knowing the things that will happen to me there.” Acts 20:22

Most of us would LOVE for the voice of God to speak audibly to us in through a burning bush (Exodus 3:1), a monstrous cloud (Matthew 17:5), or even through a donkey (Numbers 22:28).

There are a few instances in the Bible where people heard the audible voice of God with their physical ears. But these were the exception more than the rule. And that is still true today.

It’s More than a Voice

Can the Holy Spirit speak to you with an audible voice? Absolutely. Does he do it often? Not in my case for sure. Why not?

Because He lives inside me! Why then should he have to resort to a physically manipulating my eardrums with sounds when He is already inside me willing and ready to direct me?

Comedienne Lily Tomlin says, “When people talk to God, they call it prayer. When God talks to people, they call it schizophrenia.”

That hilarious – and so true!!!!  Makes me want to pen all my prayers with, “Lord, let me be seen as the most schizophrenic business professional in the world!”

God Is Talking To You

Although you very likely believe God is very capable of talking to you, you may catch yourself saying, “I just don’t hear him – I don’t think he’s talking to me.”

Now some free coaching advice: NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN! NEVER!

Without diving into a deep theological explanation, please trust me when I decleare the Lord indeed talks to you. He speaks to you through the Holy Spirit living inside you.

  • If God is omnipresent, that means He is everywhere all the time.
  • If God is omniscient, He knows everything that has, is, and will happen.
  • If His Spirit is living in you, and He is always around you, then you are totally surrounded by His presence.

Suppose your spouse was always around you, standing beside you everywhere you went, in every meeting you attended, on every trip you took. Think you’d know it?

Just by her being there, over time you could sense what she was saying to you = even when she did not speak! (Guys, we’ve ALL gotten that look before – you know what I mean!)

She does not have to speak for her to clearly, distinctly, powerfully communicate to us.

Remember: unleashing your unfair competitive advantage in business is far more than hearing a voice.

So how do we know what she is saying when she does not use words?

In the same way we hear God speaking to us – through an inner knowing.

Inner Knowing

An inner knowing is an internal intuition that goes beyond mental, emotional, or physical senses. It’s a spiritual prompting or urge.

You just know. Without hearing an audible voice.

You just know.

Have you ever said to yourself or to someone else, “I KNEW I should not have done that,” or “I KNEW I should have done that.” Or perhaps, “I KNEW that was a bad decision but I did it anyway.”

How did you know? Who was it that was saying to you to do or not to do it?

As a Spirit-led believer, it is very likely that inner knowing came from Holy Spirit living inside you. It’s the same still, small, inaudible voice we seek (1 Kings 19:12).

I urge you not to seek audible voices or burning bushes to hear the Spirit. It’s about intentional focus on recognizing your spiritual ear, the one inside you soul.

Remember: unleashing your unfair competitive advantage in business is far more than hearing a voice.

[This post is an excerpt from my book Our Unfair Advantage: How to Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business.]

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