How a Russian Spammer Reconfirmed My Destiny

I recently got spammed. Big time.

A Russian-based spammer hacked into my email system (somehow) and was using my primary business email address to send out thousands of spam emails to .ru addresses claiming a gift was waiting from a Russian bank.


Here is a fresh testimony on how a Russian spammer reconfirmed my destiny.


“Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men.” Proverbs 22:29

For several years, God has been speaking to me through His Word, His Spirit and his saints how He is preparing me for a powerful destiny. The pace, intensity and clarity of the huge vision is now focused.  Without question, I am inching closer and closer to unleash the fullness of what God has designed me to do for the kingdom.

I am truly on the verge of a breakthrough – and the enemy knows it!

It began about a month ago when I suddenly began receiving up to 800+ emails at a time in my inbox up to 2-3 times per day. The emails listed my primary business email address in the “From” section.  Although I received thousands of these blocked emails a day, there is no way to know how many more actually got through to their intended targets.

I even began to get a few of my emails to clients sent back to me as “spam.” Although I was frustrated, I never panicked or even got upset. I just contacted my email provider’s tech department and we began the “Hunt for the .RU Spammer!”


“Surely the Lord does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets.”  Joel 3:7

My very talented tech team could not figure out what was happening. Even after multiple times of changing passwords in the email system and several other ancillary systems, nothing worked. These highly trained digital techs were at a loss. So, imagine how I felt in my feeble attempts to understand and flow along with all the technical jargon of high-level digital security protocols and anti-spam vernacular.

Although they did not know the answer, I knew the one who did.

I therefore called upon His Spirit (Holy Spirit) living inside me His supernatural answer to my natural problem.

And in an instant, I received a word, a word so powerful it was as if it were spoken into my ears.



“For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us.” Acts 15:28a

An alias email is a uniquely different email address that can be disguised and another address, so that everything send to the alias address can be received by the primary address.

I emailed my tech. I asked if he thought setting up my original business email (the one I have used for 25+ years) could become an alias address under a new primary address. He quickly replied, “That just might work – let me share it will my lead supervisor for his thoughts.” Soon he responded with a HUGE thumbs-up from his tech team that this would indeed work.

But there was one mega-consequence. I would have to fully delete my current primary account – totally purge it – and open another under another new that email address. That meant all past emails, calendar settings past and future – everything associated with this account would be permanently deleted!

Even with this seemingly dire consequence, we both quickly concluded this was indeed the best way to proceed.


“Do not remember the former thing or ponder the things of the past. Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19-19

After I invested a couple of hours to save the very few emails I needed, we purged the old account, opened a new one, then I updated all my other digital devises to the new account.

The spamming stopped. I have since recreated my calendars appointments fo red future and have left the past behind.

Lessons Learned

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17a

So how did a Russian spammer reconfirm my destiny? Although this was nothing more than a demonic distraction, I learned afresh that:

  • God’s plans are radically bigger, better, and braver than anything I could ever ever design.
  • His revelations meant a total rethinking, rebranding and rebuilding of how I “do business until He comes.” Luke 19:13
  • I know that I am finally stepping into His business He designed for me from before time began.
  • The enemy’s attempt to discredit my name would have been the fasted way to stop my impact – but once again, he failed.
  • I must be on the verge of a Kingdom breakthrough or satan would just ignore me.
  • It took a prophetic word from the Lord to bring a supernatural solution to a natural problem.
  • It took nothing short of a total pruning of the past to prepare myself for His better future.
  • Such severe pruning was initially a very painful idea, until I realized it was His good will that I completely sever my past ways and step into His future ways.
  • Fulfilling my destiny requires total dependence on Him – 100% – nothing short of radical, total and unshakable dependence on the Father.
  • As I fully step into my destiny, I have never been more excited, pumped, focused or expectant.

One More Thing

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

Remember, the enemy cannot foretell the future, for if he could, he would have NEVER killed Jesus!  Yet he is very wise in the spiritual realm and can see how things are lining up against him, which spurs him to unload his demonic arsenal to stop anyone from reclaiming earthly territory for the Kingdom.

When we realize our battles are spiritual and not carnal, we can then step boldly into the fullness of our destiny with confidence that God will fight our fight and prepare our way.

About Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim Harris serves executive teams who desire a breakthrough in strategy, innovation and teamwork. He has delivered hundreds of keynotes and business presentations around the world and is the author of numerous award-winning business books including Our Unfair Advantage: Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business, The Impacter: A Parable on Transformational Leadership and Finding and Keeping Great Employees.


  • Steve says:

    Excellent word! Great reminder of the power of being led by the Holy Spirit! It is also good to remember the one who seeks our destruction and the ONE who desires our good and gives us power in HIM to pull down those strongholds. 2 Cor. 10:3-4.

    • Dr. Jim says:

      Thanks Steve. Was proclaiming that very verse this morning during my communion time with the Lord.

  • Great testimony…my friend!

    • Dr. Jim says:

      Appreciate this Patrica. The enemy will try every means available to bring us down – he prowls but Jesus already won!

  • geri says:

    dr. jim…what can I say but wow!!! the Lord still [and I pray that I will never be so cavalier to forget] wows me with confirming His word! the God of Heaven confirms His Word to me! to us! I was sitting here eating dinner while working on my biznistry. I am pushing through to have my online store open by 12/1 while building the site, starting a social media campaign and presence and in that moment…feeling emotions in the moment…gut feelings. my life looks so different than when I was in corporate America. I have built my biz in between caring for my sick mother and caring for my young adult son who is on the Spectrum. [my ex-husband co-parents with me and he’s a fantastic father so I am not saying that for sympathy]. I have little time during the day [doctor appointments, shopping, making more appointment, managing a household with outside help] and many nights I am in my home office until the wee hours of the morning. but tonight I was hit with a memory and a root of unforgiveness of a very close relative who totally betrayed my trust [who then morphed into every person who had done the same]. I really believed I had forgiven them, but the Lord said there was a root and tonight however was my let it go night. the wound was excavated by your words…”total pruning of the past to prepare myself for His better future.” these words were echoed by the Holy Spirit to circumcise my heart…with forgiveness and press in. thank you for your intense integrity and using your own life – or the epistle of your life – and allowing us to touch your wounds so we might by healed by God’s grace too. the Lord led me to your site on a day ago and I realized yesterday that the Lord is blessing me ginormously without the crowd, applause or recognition in this season. I have learned to be obedient and hearken to His voice. thank you so much for ministering a rhema Word that broke the seal on my heart. may the Lord bless you in the secret places of your heart and may He fill bushels of those you love with what they too cry out for in secret…this is a season of secret blessings that the Lord is revealing to His people. thank you seems so insuffienct, but thank you. I too am excited for the destiny that lays before me! Thank God and bless you.

  • Vanessa says:

    This really ministered to me 🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹 thank you for sharing! Holy Spirit gave me several Marketplace dreams that only He was able to decode for me. I love your posts and emails! They leave me in tears because you hit this new and strategic endtime movement of God with bullseye accuracy! God bless you 1000 times many more than you are (DEUT.1:11)

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