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8 Truths I’ve Learned About Faith at Work

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Perhaps like you, I sometimes reflect on lessons I’ve learned over the years, usually by the mistakes I’ve made. Today as I asked the Lord what I could post that would be helpful to you, He brought several things to mind that, frankly, I was excited to receive.

Here are eight truths I’ve learned about faith at work that I pray help you, too.

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How is the Holy Spirit Like a Frozen Yogurt Machine?

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It’s summer in Florida and I am hot – really hot!

Which reminded me last week of my wife’s and my 20th wedding anniversary cruise to the Caribbean and one of my favorite things about the cruise ship…it had an unlimited FREE frozen yogurt machine!

After sharing this fun tidbit recently with a business and spiritual mentor, he suggested that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are like that frozen yogurt machine.

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