Case Study: Do You REALLY Trust The Lord?

Well, yesterday’s post on “Do You REALLY Trust The Lord?” generated a ton of comments and personal emails into my inbox.

So I thought I would share one of my responses to a faithful reader who emailed me out of “desperation.”


Her Email

Here is what she emailed me (yes, I got her permission to share.)

“Thank you for your wonderfully honest blog post. It really spoke to me deeply. It’s right where I’m at right now.

Please could you answer me a question? I HAVE to know the answer in as much depth as you have time to answer it.

Please, please can you tell me how you had this focused time of communion with the Lord? What did you do? What did it look like practically, as so often I go to have a quiet time and then I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. Please share with me what you did to receive the answers you needed?

Please, I’m DESPERATE to know! I desperately need to establish these times of communion with Him as quickly as I can. I need His guidance and wisdom and leading on some really important stuff.

Please can you help?”

My Reply

Not an easy answer for a short email. Yet here are a few things you can consider.

I recommend you read this short blog post of mine – a great way to get started.

And here is another….

And another….

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned that work for me regarding moving from prayer into deeper communion with the Lord.

1. Time blocks – big chunks of time. You must set aside not just minutes but 1-2+ hours to really get quiet and step into His presence…that is, as you are learning to truly commune. Over time you’ll learn how to more quickly dive in. By reading the above articles, you have a jump start on how to begin these focused times of communion.

2. Pen and Pad– be ready to write down ANYTHING you hear, including a to-do for that day. Yes, sometimes (if not often) the Lord will remind me right in the middle of my communion time to call this person, to add something to my to do list, to email that person. So I have handy a small yellow pad that I quickly jot down that thing and then move quickly back into communion. This use to distress me …”I’m not focusing!!!!”…but I’ve learned it very often is something the Lord wants me to finish, start or simply get off my mind so I can refocus on Him.

3. Have an open Bible in your prayer area all the time – open all the time!!!! When I see the Word open on my bistro table in my office (my prayer area), it helps remind me that His presence is here…I just need to press into it. And amazingly enough, very very very often when I just randomly open the Word, it lands exactly upon a verse or chapter that speaks to me at that very monument. As if He is turning the pages for me….

4. Practice finding your “Clear the Mechanism” phrase. Sounds a little corny I know, but I have found it works for me, simply as a catalyst to shift into a higher spiritual gear. It could be a phrase, a song, a verse spoken out loud — whatever helps you make the “click” out of the natural and into His supernatural presence. (See the above article.)

5. Don’t hurry – don’t be in a rush. I had to stop seeing my prayer time as a long check list of stuff I wanted Him to do for me, and transition into a time He wanted to simply teach me what I needed to learn. These revelations then turn into actions on the very items I face that day or week.

6. Pick your “Prime Time” for communion– the best time of day for you. For me, it is first thing the morning. I seldom sleep past 5:30 AM, so I am up, coffee hot, and in my office no later than 5:45 – even on weekends. I sometimes do not come out (except for more coffee) until 7AM or later. That’s just me. You pick what works best for you.

7. Take your time and write down everything. Yes, I am repeating myself but this is critical. Dedicate to using a hand-writing journal. I recommend a paper journal over a digital journal since digital devices can easily tempt you to sneak a peak at Facebook or your email or Instagram or …. MAJOR DISTRACTIONS – exactly what the enemy wants you to do during communion time with Jesus.

8. Wait on the Lord and trust His timing. There is no frustration in the Lord – He never wants to frustrate or make you angry. Let Him deal with what He wants to deal with in His timing. Whatever that is, it is really what you most need.

If you found this helpful, please reply to the original article –click here to to go to the article. 

Partnering with you all the way into eternity, and purposing with you to only and always….


Dr. Jim

My Prayer

After sending back this response, she IMMEDIATELY emailed me back a very gracious thank you note. Could tell she was truly blessed.

My prayer is that my response to her may also be a blessing to you.


Dr. Jim

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