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Are You Reining in Thoroughbreds or Pushing Pigs?

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As I often tell my leadership audiences (usually to great howls of laughter): “It’s easier to reign in a thoroughbred than to push a pig!”

As Jesus built what many consider the greatest team in history, he did so in some unique ways. He began with Jewish fishermen (businessmen), then a hated tax collector, some brothers, and then recruited several somewhat counter-intuitive “team” members including some extreme political and polar opposites of one another.

Each one a specialist. Each one unique. Each one needed. Yet in the end, all passionately worked together toward the same goal (less one turnover issue).

You can do this too. Here are four ways Jesus transformed what appeared to be a pen of pigs into a team of thoroughbreds.

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Fighting the Real Marketplace War

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You may think you are in a marketplace war against those big, profitable rivals with huge advertising budgets, new trucks adorned with beautiful logos, and multi-site operations that dwarf your company.

But they are not the real battle. They are not your real foe. Your real marketplace war is literally…

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