A New Business Covenant

As marketplace entrepreneurs and leaders, God has wired us to make things happen. So, like all great businesspeople, we make our plans and go after them with a vengeance – all for Kingdom impact.

Yet too often we madly rush into something that sounds, looks, or smells good just knowing that, as faithful believers with a purpose to prosper the Kingdom, our plans are destined to work and will be greatly blessed.

Well, not necessarily. What we often overlook are four little words that will ultimately transform your business.

Our Typical Approach

“Come now, you who say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit’.” James 4:13

I raise my hand in guilt – but also for forgiveness – for the many, many times I have shared with others of MY plans, of MY great ideas, of MY new wheelings and dealings, of all the money and impact I will make (for the Kingdom’s good of course).

And I sense I am not alone in this.

So what is wrong with making plans to expand your business, to reach new customers, to be more prosperous? Nothing, unless you first heed this warning.

The Warning

“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4:14

Sobering! James’ blunt, bottom-line style wastes no words and tells it like it is.

We have no (zero) guarantee that we will even be on this earth tomorrow or even into next year. On our own power, we have no idea what tomorrow may bring. Therefore, most anything we plan on our own is ultimately a waste of time not only for us and but for our entire organization.

The Four Key Words

“Instead you ought to say, “ If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.” James 4:15

“If the Lord wills.” Without this, our plans are very likely to fail.

But we must go beyond just saying these words to embracing them. We fully embrace them by embedding them deep into our heart, soul and spirit until they become the very foundation of all we do in our business.

Think about this: If we are doing something outside of the Lord’s will for our business, why should He bless us? He shouldn’t and He won’t.

Furthermore, here is a very sobering reality if we chose not to fully embrace these four words in our business.

The Sin

“As it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil. So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” James 4:16-17

Wow! James cuts no slack.

Without the will of the Lord in our businesses, we are doomed to nothing more than our own boasting and hoping rather than His blessing and prosperity!

A New Business Covenant 

These four words can indeed transform your business. So here is my charge. From this day forward, make a new business covenant with the Lord that you will:

  1. First and only seek His will in everything you do, and
  2. Begin every conversation about your plans with, “If the Lord wills…”

This simple covenant will help you focus on His will, gain a positive witness from Holy Spirit, and ultimately lead toward you fulfilling your destiny in your marketplace.

About Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim Harris serves executive teams who desire a breakthrough in strategy, innovation and teamwork. He has delivered hundreds of keynotes and business presentations around the world and is the author of numerous award-winning business books including Our Unfair Advantage: Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business, The Impacter: A Parable on Transformational Leadership and Finding and Keeping Great Employees.


  • Narbahadur Shrestha says:

    Thank you Dr Jim for mail, i am getting inspiration from mail, I am learning. I am 63years old protestant christian from Nepal. I have been received the God nine years.

    • Dr. Jim says:

      Am so humbled by your feedback. Have many dear friends who visit your magnificent country. Stay in touch – will soon have a BIG announcement for all Hindi speaking believers.

  • What a sobering and on time article. This truly is a new business covenant I embrace totally. Your articles are streaching me to be a christian business in name but practice. More than having integrity in business practices you are highlighting what truly makes a kingdom business. Thank you for sharing! My life and business are all the better for it.

  • H. Hager says:

    Love this article. But how do you know if your business plans are your will or His will? I’m struggling with this and praying for discernment.

    • Dr. Jim says:

      Thanks for your feedback. How can you know? #BeLed Holy Spirit will give you a witness on God’s preference and desire. How do you learn to #BeLed? One way to begin is read my many posts on how to listen to God’s voice and prayer. Not trying to sell you anything, but my book Our Unfair Advantage, speaks directly to this. Hope this helps guides you into a deeper relationship with God.

  • Erica Kirk says:

    Oh thank you soooo much for this blog post. I can always tell when my alignment is off and I’ve got one foot in the world. I find myself pushing toward something rather than enjoying the ride God has so graciously called me to. James 1:5-6 is another place I turn to when I need guidance. Isn’t it wonderful that we can ask when we need wisdom, guidance and correction? This post is anther good reminder that our God is a relational God and we can consult Him. He’s the boss everyone dreams of having. Whoop!

    • Dr. Jim says:

      Likewise back to you for a “thank you soooo much” for giving me your feedback – so much need to get a sense if these revelations do indeed have impact. Remember – some revelations are for sharing – some just for you. It is always good to test it before releasing it — but blogging is not always conducive to first checking before releasing. Again, thanks Erica.

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