2014: The Year of the Open Door

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September 25-26, 2013 was Rosh Hashana, the official beginning of the Jewish New Year 5774 –  the Year of the Open Door.

Even though our Gregorian calendar new year begins on January 1, we are already well into the Year of the Open Door.

“What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” Revelation 3:7-8

“Really,” “No kidding,” and “Fantastic” are just a few of the responses I hear when I share this with my friends and colleagues. I bet you share the same enthusiasm.

So if this is the Year of the Open Door, what should we do? Here are four questions that have helped me get my business and life ready for 5774 that can also help you fully experience your Year of the Open Door.

Four Questions for The Year of the Open Door

Find a quiet place for the next 30-45 minutes, get your journal or a pad of paper, and jot down your reflections on these four important questions.

What door(s) did God open for you in 2013?  Reflect back on those jobs, projects, or ministries that God’s hand was obviously upon. Think about the patterns, the path He led you down through these open doors.

What door(s) did God close in 2013? This can be painful, looking back upon some doors He closed, redirected, or simply did not allow you to pursue. Take time to dig deep and discover as best as you can His underlying reasons these doors were closed.

What door(s) might God open for you in 2014? Here is where your dreams, your passions, your purpose lives. These are the areas in which you sense a calling, doing something of worth beyond the financial reward it might bring. Since 5775 is the Year of the Open Door, this can indeed be your year to finally realize your biggest dream.

What door has God already opened for of you now? Look around. God may already be at work in your professional or personal life. Remember, if God were to measure earth time, He would most likely do so through the Hebrew Calendar, right? So He is already well into the Year of the Open Door. Perhaps is it already open for you…all you have to do to see it and burst through!

Calendar Year 5774 – Your Open Door Year!

As we begin 2014, I pray that 5774 will be your year of the ONE open door (Revelation 3:20) that has eternal impact for you and your family.


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